Kajian Identitas Visual Brand Samosir (Studi Kasus: Visit Samosir Year 2014)



“Visit Samosir Year” is branding strategy conducted by the government of Samosir disctrict since
2014. Logo, tagline, images are visual identity used in various media branding for “Visit Samosir Year 2014”
program. Samosir used some media branding to promote this tourism program, such as billboard, printed
advertisement, website. This study reviewed the use of visual identity in billboard, roll banner, advertisements in
airline magazine, and visitsamosir.com. Study of visual brand identity of “Visit Samosir Year 2014” found that it
is inconsistent use of visual identity, it contains too many elements such as forced to gather in one design. Dinas
Pariwisata, Seni dan Budaya Samosir need to establish the design rules to create coherence or harmony as a
solution of designing visual identities.
KEYWORDS: branding, visual identity, tourism, samosir, visit samosir year

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